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      New day dawns  

Fair day's work

                  A A New Day Dawns   A fair day's work for a fair day's pay  
  O'Fea   away to find the gold      
        O'Fea has found Gold!   IIt's away to find the Gold          
        time to move on   cry your tears          
      Sarah , it's time that I was moving on   Cry your tears little ones        
        plan is hatched   gold find        
        The plan is hatched Now I can take care of my family
      Duncan your in trouble jury finds you guilty        
    Duncan you're in trouble     The jury finds you guilty
  seven doors   your high office        
  Seven doors you'll enter         Your high office I deeply respect
  I Wonder retribution            
        I wonder           Retribution            
  Make the Best       New Day dawns          
  Make the best of what you've got   A new day dawns  
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